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Digital Nomad, a modern concept that will revolutionize economic growth

WILLEMSTAD- SEPT 2018: JCI IOBA hosted an interesting seminar regarding Digital Nomads with special guest speakers. Banco di Caribe is proud have sponsored such an event that will create new horizons for Curaçao’s economy. The seminar took place at the University of Curaçao where international and local speakers were present to discuss along with a professional panel followed by networking. 

How does Digital Nomadism benefit Curaçao’s economy?

Chantal Anthonia, together with JCI, came up with the idea to create awareness in Curaçao on this concept in order to adopt a successful career and lifestyle as a Digital Nomad. Same goes for Carina Piggott who travels around the world to fulfill her job. “I don’t have a fixed office, the only thing I need is my laptop, my other technical devices, internet, electricity, perfection and creativity. As a Digital Nomad I am a perfectionist who needs creative space; a 9 to 5 job would disrupt that. Being a professional photographer and a visual designer, I enjoy my life as a real Digital Nomad. Throughout the years I have found many different ways to do business, be creative and learned how to find innovative solutions”.

Experience of a real Digital Nomad:

During the seminar, the panel, speakers and attendees elaborated on the idea behind the project, what a Digital Nomad is, what are the opportunities/possibilities are for Curaçao’s economic growth, and how to make Curaçao an attractive destination for Digital Nomads around the world. During the seminar, apart from Carina Piggott, another presentation was given by a true Digital Nomad, Miss Olga Job, via Skype. The night continued with the documentary ‘One Way Ticket, the rise of a Digital Nomad’ and was closed with a panel with participation of professionals such as Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath, Curaçao’s Prime Minister, Mr. Steven Martina, Minister of Economy, Mr. Ramon Koffijberg from CINEX, Ms. Nevita Mezas from the Bisness Connection and also, UoC representative, Mr. Guido Rojer jr.

The way of doing business as a Digital Nomad is taking place right here in Curaçao and you can even say that our island is a Caribbean hub for many Digital Nomads who are constantly on the move. Tourism wise, this will fall to our benefit; are we ready?

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