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Banco di Caribe donates brand new wheelchairs to Fundashon Birgen di Rosario

Banco di Caribe donates brand new wheelchairs to Fundashon Birgen di Rosario

WILLEMSTAD- SEPT 2018: During Curaçao’s Culture Week, Banco di Caribe was invited by the organization to deliver the wheelchairs personally to one of the elderly homes Huize Welgelegen (Habaai).

President of the organization, Indra Rossen-Lucacius explained that Fundashon Birgen di Rosario relies heavily on funds given by the government. However, it is not enough to cover all the necessary costs of the organization. “We have to be very creative in order to prolong the funds we receive and it is for that reason that we find ourselves reaching out to other organizations to support us financially. With the support of organizations such as Banco di Caribe, we can continue investing in the quality of care for our elders.”

The celebration was a great success where one of the highlights was ‘Kas di Kultura’ interacting with the clients by dancing and playing music with them. However, the biggest highlight was handing the wheelchairs over to the organization. The wheelchairs that were donated are adaptable and can be adjusted to the specific state of which the client is in, in order for them to feel most comfortable.

CEO and General Managing Director, Mr. Fons Simon, explained that “As a bank, we support many different areas such as education, sports, arts and we also invest in the youth and the elderly. We understand that it is very important for the elders to feel comfortable and to be able to grow old comfortably where they spend the majority of their day. Banco di Caribe is happy to contribute with such a donation to the organization.”