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Banco di Caribe continues support to ‘Asosashon Liga P’ariba’ teams


Banco di Caribe continues support to ‘Asosashon Liga P’ariba’ teams

WILLEMSTAD: Banco di Caribe and the Liga P’ariba Association recently officialized a full season sponsorship for the teams in the Minor, Little, Junior and Senior division of Brievengat. Banco di Caribe has been supporting the Brievengat teams with uniforms for several years now. Every two years these teams receive a new uniform. At the beginning of this year, Banco di Caribe again ensured that the youngsters were well represented.

“We see this sponsorship as a support to the Curaçao youth and to the continuity of the sport on our island”, says Mr. Dito de Kort, Commercial Director of Banco di Caribe. “For Banco di Caribe, sport is a key element to keep the youth busy in a positive way. It also creates a healthy environment for recreation after school. Moreover, these youngsters are talented and some are even considered prospects for international baseball; the large number of Curaçao players in the Major League is proof of this.”

Parents and fans of baseball club Liga P’ariba have already seen them in their new uniform at the games that started a few weeks ago. Banco di Caribe is grateful to all trainers, parents and volunteers who give their time and encourage the players. On images, the moment when Mr. Dito de Kort officially hands over the uniforms to the representatives of the Minor and Little teams of Brievengat. Banco di Caribe wishes the teams of Brievengat Liga P’ariba the best of luck in the 2021 season.