Guidelines for consideration of any sponsoring or donation request

Banco di Caribe will review all requests that comply with the following criteria*:

  • BdC will yearly select several sponsoring projects with a large to the small character and will have a total budget amount available for donations of which a predetermined amount is to the discretion of management.
  • A sponsored event will be considered with preference if it can be linked to a sales activity (such as account marketing, product marketing or a relationship activity).
  • All requests must be submitted at least 30 days in advance, accompanied by a detailed project description, budget and requested amount.
  • Preference for non-profit (non-subsidized) organizations, agencies or groups.
  • Limit of one donation per organization/group per year and depending on the project or organization for a maximum of 3 yrs.
  • Organizations must be registered or officially recognized and are subject to screening by BdC.
  • Focus on large groups; however individual requests can be considered if the impact of the project is educational and benefits a large group in the community.
  • Focus on long term projects.

* BdC is entitled to request the organization to open an account with us to receive a financial contribution.

BdC does not fund the following:

  • Profit or commercial organizations
  • Individuals or personal requests (except for the ones mentioned earlier)
  • Organizations having illegal or unethical practices
  • Requests submitted less than 30 days in advance (exceptions allowed)
  • Trips
  • Celebrations
  • Fundraising activities (because we focus on donating directly to projects or organizations).

If you would like to bring a worthy cause to our attention, we invite you to contact us with a solid plan.

As much as we would like to, it is not possible to honor every request that we receive, but we are always willing to consider good and well-motivated ideas.
Please submit your request here