Have a large amount laying idle for the next 6 months? Invest it through Banco di Caribe.

Our dedicated investment experts can find high quality government bonds/Treasuries that match the corresponding time period.

Have a pension fund? We’ll be glad to show you various forms of Fixed income investments. Tailor-made, effective and transparent.

  • Independent: working only in your best interest
  • Personalized investment packages
  • A secure online view of your portfolio holdings through BDC-online
  • Sensible balance between yield and risk
  • Invest in USD or guilders
  • Vast array of Government/Corporate bonds, Common/Preferred stocks, and exchange traded funds
  • Invest in gold, silver or oil (through ETFs)
  • Hedge against any of the above (through ETFs)
  • Cooperation with internationally renowned brokers
  • Official Broker for the DCSX (Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange).

Want to know more about investments? Make an appointment with an account manager