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When an ATM does not dispense a requested amount, please contact us immediately at (5999) 432 3323 after business hours at (5999) 511 1919. In order to solve the issue as soon as possible, we will ask you for the location of the ATM, the amount requested, the time and date of the request, your name, and phone number.

Any deposit that you make at a Banco di Caribe ATM will be in the specified account after two business days.


For your convenience, Banco di Caribe has up to 31 strategically located ATMs across the island. Find one near you here.

As an account holder at Banco di Caribe you will be charged ANG 1.00 for every time you withdraw cash at our ATMs. When withdrawing from another bank which is a Cashnet member, you will be charged ANG 2.00. As a non-account holder you will be charged ANG 2.00 if your bank is a Cashnet member (please look for the Cashnet sign as displayed below).

All other users will be charged ANG 4.50 per cash withdrawal.

Clients of foreign banks may be charged additionally by their own bank.