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Tesorito Youth Savings Account FAQ

The mother, father or legal representative of the child(ren) can apply for a Tesorito Youth Savings Account for children between 0 and 18 years.

The mother, father or a legal representative of the child(ren) must bring the following documents in order to open the account:

  • Mother/Father: Marriage Certificate (if married)/ family book ( if not married)
  • Legal representative: Legal custody document
  • Valid ID ( ID card, driver’s license or Passport)
  • A proof of your current address (for example a copy of phone or utility bill)

When the children reach the age of 18, the Tesorito Youth Savings Account will be closed and the total balance will be deposited on a new regular savings account with a different account number.

No. A child can only have a maximum of one Tesorito Youth Savings Account.

In order to open a Tesorito Youth Savings Account, the legal representative must deposit a minimum of ANG. 25,-.

There is a monthly deposit limit of ANG. 1000,-.

In case the minimum amount of ANG. 25, - is deposited continuously for the term of 36 months, the child(ren) will be eligible for a bonus of 1% of the total balance at that time, with a maximum of ANG. 500,-.