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Banco di Caribe Banking necessities

Banco di Caribe...Banking necessities

Banco di Caribe CEO; “We are very aware of a Digital Nomad’s banking necessities”

Banco di Caribe invites you to join the Digital Nomads seminar

WILLEMSTAD – AUG 2019:  For the second consecutive year, JCI IOBA Curaçao is organizing the seminar with the focus on Digital Nomads and we are proud to sponsor this event once again. Last year, the digital nomad concept was introduced to a room full of curious minds that lead to a very successful evening. It was noted that the public became more interested in this different style of doing business. A topic that is definitely worth exploring: How can this imperial lifestyle benefit our economy? Our CEO and General Managing Director, Mr. Fons Simon, discussed the lifestyle with a digital nomad, Miss Sugeidy Windster, to find out more about what kind of banking necessities such a unique group requires.

While conversing with Ms. Windster along with JCI IOBA Curaçao representatives, Ms. Gina Fransisca and Mr. Richards Martina, Mr. Fons Simon continues to explain that we [the bank] are well aware of the growing interest in the lifestyle of a digital nomad and their banking necessities. “Soon, we will be able to offer more practical solutions for this group of entrepreneurs. An on-the-go entrepreneur has to be able to attend their financial transactions whenever and wherever they go. The mobile banking app that we recently launched could be a beneficial tool for a digital nomad”.

About the JCI Digital Nomad Seminar 2019:

The theme of this year’s seminar will be “Remote work works: Running your business on the go”; with an emphasis on the benefits for a worker. During the seminar, the speakers will elaborate on various topics such as Conversation Strategy with your boss about working remotely, the future of entrepreneurship in the Caribbean and much more. Who is this seminar for? This seminar will interest people who can offer their services around the world, entrepreneurs, governmental institutions and digital nomads who are looking for their next destination.

As one of the sponsors of the event, we invite everyone who feels attracted to the theme to join the seminar on August 23 and August 24, 2019 at the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten auditorium.

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Banco di Caribe Banking necessities