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Fire and Burglary Insurance

Feel safe in the confines of your own home with the right fire and burglary insurance. Our experts will make sure that you are insured at the lowest possible premium. Convenient, quick and hassle-free.

Car Insurance

Confident and carefree driving starts with proper vehicle insurance. If anything should happen, we will be there for you with personal care and swift damage handling. For the best coverage and the most affordable rates, contact our friendly experts.

Life Insurance

Will your family be taken care of when something happens to you? The grief will be hard enough to bear without the added financial burden. Banco di Caribe will help you make sure that your loved ones receive the proper financial coverage. Let our experts provide you with a tailor made life insurance package.

  • Completely personalized
  • Clear conditions
  • Affordable monthly installments

Medical Insurance

No matter how healthy your lifestyle, you may be confronted with medical expenses at any time. Do not let expensive prescription drugs or high hospital fees take you by surprise. Let our experts help you find the medical insurance that fits your lifestyle. Affordable, sensible and with clear conditions.

  • Quick and attentive handling of your declarations
  • The right coverage at the right price

Travel Insurance

Let Banco di Caribe protect you, your loved ones and your valuables, even when abroad. Banco di Caribe provides you with travel insurance that takes away your cares. Have our experts put together the personalized travel insurance package that caters to your voyaging needs. Have a safe trip!

  • Choose a specific period or year-round insurance
  • International emergency assistance
  • Optional travel cancellation/interruption coverage
  • Affordable rates

Liability Insurance

No one ever expects to cause injury or damage to others or to their property. Still, accidents happen on a daily basis. They may be caused by you, your kids or even your pets. So make sure that you have the right liability insurance. For a surprisingly low rate, Banco di Caribe can make sure that you are never unprepared.

  • Liability insurance to fit your lifestyle
  • Protection from potentially high damage claims
  • High security for a low amount

For more information about our insurance products and services or to make an appointment please