About Us Community Involvement

At Banco di Caribe, we are grateful for the support that the community has always given us, and we see it as our responsibility to give back. We feel that everyone deserves quality of life and the opportunity to move forward. This is why we actively support organizations and individuals in areas like:


  • Education
  • Sports
  • Culture
  • Social projects
  • The arts
  • The environment


Our involvement goes beyond donating money. We are proud to say that many of our employees do volunteer work, which is something that we encourage.


Some past and present examples of our community initiatives include:


  • Sponsorship of the Banco di Caribe Willemstad Warriors basketball team, which provides a safe environment for young people to focus on positive goals.
  • Supporting the Chess Academy, which offers free chess classes to children in several neighborhoods, helping them develop life skills such as strategic thinking, planning and focus.
  • Supporting La Tentashon - Luna Yen, a platform for our younger generation to explore and develop their talents in the area of song, dance, music and theatre.
  • Sponsoring the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award, a successful project that stimulates young entrepreneurs to thrive and contribute to our island’s economy.
  • Providing mobility for those who need it with our Banco di Caribe Express III bus, which not only provides day trips for groups of elderly people, but we also make our services available to non-profit organizations, schools and clubs for educational and social purposes.


Requests for sponsorship and support

If you would like to bring a worthy cause to our attention, we invite you to contact us with a solid plan. As much as we would like to, it is not possible to honor every request that we receive, but we are always willing to consider good and well-motivated ideas.

About UsCommunity Involvement