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3rd BdC Play & Stay Tennis Tournament

3rd BdC Play & Stay Tennis Tournament

Another succes for the Banco di Caribe Play & Stay Tennis Tournament

WILLEMSTAD- SEPT 2019:  This year we hosted the third edition of the Banco di Caribe Play & Stay Tournament at CSC, Damacor. This year, 45 children participated in the tournament and they were divided into three categories: red ball for kids between 6-8 years old, orange ball for kids between 8-10 years old and green ball for kids between 9-10 years old. We congratulate Curaçao Tennis Foundation with another sucessful tournament.


Banco di Caribe congratulates the parents and their kids with the results, since it is extremely important for the parents to accompany their kids throughout the tournament. The enthusiasm was displayed both on and off the court. Even though everyone is a winner, the following participants excelled in the tournament: first place winner in the red ball category was Daniela Di Vanna Sanchez, Mila Tedder in the orange ball category/girls, Key Shane Sling in the orange ball category/boys, Mia de Lanooi in the green ball category/girls and finally, Leonardo Winkel in the green ball category/boys. The sub-champions of the Banco di Caribe Play & Stay Tennis Tournament were: Sophia de la Paz (red ball category), Maxim Ten Veen (orange ball category/girls), Zahiv de Windt (orange ball category/boys), Amara Zimmerman (green ball category/girls) and also Jean – Jacques Rigaud (green ball category/boys).

We are pleased with the successful results of the tournament and we’re eager to continue supporting the growth of the tennis sport and the development of the kids. It is important for the kids to keep practicing in order to build and improve their technique; and to also be a part of a friendly competition where they will learn great sportsmanship. Banco di Caribe thanks Mr. Francis Hoyer of The Curaçao Tennis Foundation, the participants, the volunteers and the parents who came to support the kids.


3rd BdC Play & Stay Tennis Tournament