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Banco di Caribe delivers a special gift to the Myrna Dovale school


Banco di Caribe delivers a special gift to the Myrna Dovale school

Banco di Caribe donates towards a ‘Greenhouse’ for Myrna Dovale school

WILLEMSTAD: Recently, Banco di Caribe visited the Myrna Dovale school in connection with the bank’s 50th anniversary to make a special donation towards the construction of a greenhouse on the premises of the school.

The green house project:

Myrna Dovale is the only school on the island specialized in the education of children with hearing impairment and speech impediments. The school recently moved to a new location as part of their efforts to restructure their curriculum. One of the most important aspects of their educational program is the offering of practical courses such as agriculture, that can help prepare the students in the best possible way for their further education. Since the students have special needs, each method that supports their education, is an asset. Gardening supports the wellbeing of the children, inspires their creativity, teaches them patience and encourages them to take initiative and accountability. Working in the greenhouse allows them grow plants, fruits and vegetables that they can use prepare succulent dishes in the school’s kitchen.

Banco di Caribe applauds this project and is certain that the students will benefit from the greenhouse and that it will add value to their education. Banco di Caribe’s Director, Mr. Eduardo (Dito) A. de Kort, took personal interest in this project and visited the school to get more information of the planning of the project. To symbolize the donation to the school, he gifted a lemon tree to the school’s director, Mrs. Arginia Lucio and the students, who gathered in a joyful ambience to receive it. Banco di Caribe is anxious to see the development of this project and how the students’ knowledge grows with each seed they plant.