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Banco di Caribe supports Stichting Kinderbescherming


Banco di Caribe supports Stichting Kinderbescherming

Banco di Caribe supports Stichting Kinderbescherming for new project dedicated to Fathers

WILLEMSTAD: During the months of Banco di Caribe’s 50th anniversary celebration, the celebratory atmosphere was definitely noticeable through special campaigns, promotions and community involvement. Recently, Banco di Caribe showed appreciation to another non-profit organization. This time it was Stichting Kinderbescherming Curaçao (SKBC).

During a visit at SKBC, Banco di Caribe’s Director Mr. Eduardo (Dito) A. de Kort, received a presentation on their most recent project called ‘Tata’ (Dad). Mr. de Kort commented, “Kids and teens have a special place in our heart, for they are our future. We should always ensure their education and further growth. It’s very important for kids to have a safe environment to express their feelings, develop themselves and reach their maximum potential. As a bank we support their development through many NGO’s and Non-profit organizations.”

A project dedicated to men, who are now ‘fathers’

Stichting Kinderbescherming Curaçao (SKBC) is committed to child protection and safeguarding. The foundation provides (preventive) assistance to children and young people who live in circumstances that hinder their health and development. The foundation uses different communication channels and platforms such as workshops, conferences, campaigns and their free-of-charge phone line 918 to facilitate communication with children and young people. After counseling different families, it became clear that the parents need guidance as well. Therefore, SKBC created the project ‘Tata’ to further educate fathers and raise awareness of the importance of being present in their children’s lives. To successfully instill this mindset, fathers need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

To reach their goal, SKBC will offer their workshop at local businesses where male personnel can easily attend workshops and exchange experiences with other fathers. Interested fathers can follow SKBC’s promotion during the year to stay up to date on the upcoming workshops. Banco di Caribe is very proud to support this particular project since it fosters the well-being of families who are the     

fundamental building blocks of our community, and therefore of paramount importance to the overall health and well-being of Curaçao.