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Banco di Caribe supports Fundashon Skol di Arte i Kultura Futuro Briante


Banco di Caribe supports Fundashon Skol di Arte i Kultura Futuro Briante

WILLEMSTAD: All teens need motivation and inspiration to become the best version of themselves. Banco di Caribe believes that projects such as the 'Adventure Camp Curaçao & Social Forming Kids', organized by Fundashon Skol di Arte i Kultura Futuro Briante, are important for the education and training of youngsters. This year's theme 'Discover your Greatness' is to encourage the teens to discover their full potential!

About Fundashon Skol di Arte i Kultura Futuro Briante

Fundashon Skol di Arte i Kultura Futuro Briante is a foundation that organizes camping activities for teens. The foundation started, in 2010, with the 'Adventure Camp Curaçao & Social Forming Kids' for kids between the ages of 4 and 12. In 2018, the foundation restructured the program and focused on educational, sports and recreational activities. This program, currently in its 12th year, is a beacon of social support to children and teens who need support with their development. The team consists of enthusiastic volunteers and the foundation operates with funds received from donations and financial contributions to continue its activities, such as counseling for parents and planning social and recreational activities with a preventive purpose.

Equine Therapy – Camping 2022

This year the kids enjoyed six days and five nights of camping consisting of both individual and group activities. The events varied from adventurous and educational to serene- all with professional guidance. The Equine Therapy, was one of those activities. This specific therapy promotes confidence, communication skills, control of emotions and problem solving. Of course it is also pleasant and relaxing for the youngsters to ride a horse! One of the main benefits of Equine Therapy is an improved mental health. Banco di Caribe finds this a wonderful project and thus sponsored the therapy for this group of teens. It was beautiful to see how the group discovered their inner strength and many other skills through this session. Banco di Caribe congratulates the foundation and is very proud to be a partner of this program.